As a thief, Taylor Kincaid has no equal. She is so good that the T-FLAC organization has been hunting her for months. T-FLAC operative Huntington St. John tracks her to South America, where she has just broken into the safe of terrorist Jose Morales and taken not only jewels but computer disks containing vital information about an upcoming attack he's planning.

Just when Hunt thinks he has Taylor under control, she escapes. For someone used to running under the radar, Taylor suddenly has many people chasing her. Not trusting by nature, she has her doubts about Hunt and his mystery organization. But when Taylor and the T-FLAC team are nearly killed, she realizes she needs to pick a side. The sparks between Taylor and Hunt are large enough to start a forest fire, but the odds of both of them surviving this mission are not good.

Kicking butt is T-FLAC's style, and it makes for exhilarating reading. Taylor is a strong, clever and stubborn heroine who is a perfect match for the dynamic Hunt. Adair is on a very big roll. (Aug., 352 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith