Image of Hot Lights, Cold Steel (Dub Walker Series)


Image of Hot Lights, Cold Steel (Dub Walker Series)

Lyle’s second Dub Walker thriller benefits from an original plot, crisp writing and captivating characters that make it hard to put down. His mastery of plot twists combined with his knowledge of forensics, the human psyche and man’s penchant for greed make for one great read.

When an old friend of Dub’s calls him to find her missing daughter, he can’t turn her down. The girl turns up dead along with another young woman and they’ve both had body parts perfectly surgically removed. As a forensic expert, he’s fully qualified to investigate. But the nightmare has just begun. More bodies surface, nearly two dozen in all, each with the same highly technical surgical procedures. Dub enlists the aid of his police buddy and ex-wife, not realizing he is endangering their lives in the process. (MEDALLION, Jun., 398 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown