It's back to Bigtime, N.Y., for more sexy, sizzling and offbeat adventures with those zany superheroes. Fiona's first-person viewpoint reveals a tough, cranky yet caring heroine whose literal flash temper can raise hell. Estep's twist on
the world of superheroes is kick-ass fun!

Living a dual life is never easy, but for superhero Fiera (aka fashion designer Fiona Fine), it is especially tough not being able to acknowledge the tragic loss of her superhero fiance Travis. Just as Fiona decides to start dating again, sexy and wealthy playboy Johnny Bulluci hits town, elevating her hormones. Meanwhile two new über-villains have arrived to wreak havoc, and Fiona runs across the new Johnny Angel, a biker who can be either villainous or helpful. The previous Johnny Angel was murdered and this new incarnation vows vengeance. Good thing Fiona likes things hot, because it's starting to sizzle! (BERKLEY, Nov., 384 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith