The suspense takes a backseat to the intense sexual encounters between Nick and Zoe, and thankfully there are many such encounters. These characters are hot, steamy and made for each other. Johnson's writing is full of sensuality with suspense thrown in.

Zoe Chandler has rented a secluded cabin in order to finish writing her expose on art collectors. Her next-door neighbor, Nick Mirovic, is also looking for some quiet after his harrowing experiences working for the CIA.

Zoe's life is endangered when her expose hits too close to home, and she turns to Nick for protection. He has his own problems, but Zoe is a hard woman to say no to. The sizzling attraction between them is a dangerous distraction. Before they know it, they're on the run, and Nick isn't sure if he should trust her. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Aug., 312 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Barb Anderson