Concern for a friend gets best-selling author Taylor O'Toole into deep trouble. When Candace confides that she is worried about her boyfriend, Harris Rains, Taylor thinks she should just dump the jerk. However, a lovesick Candace refuses to believe Harris is cheating without proof, so she asks Taylor to keep an eye on him.

Navy SEAL Jack Broussard has two missions: keeping an eye on both Harris Rains and Taylor O'Toole. Harris is a scientist whom the government suspects is planning to sell a deadly poison to hostile forces. When Taylor starts following him around, the government wants to know why. Taylor's brother-in-law, Sam McKade, raises hell in order to make sure that someone is attempting to protect Taylor. When Jack sees both Taylor and Harris in the middle of a robbery, he acts quickly to save the day.

HOT PURSUIT roars off the starting block and never looks back. Visiting with characters brought to life in My Spy just adds to the fun and adventure in this new tale. (Feb., 419 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith