Image of Hot Pursuit: A Novel


Image of Hot Pursuit: A Novel

Fans of Sam and Alyssa will be happy to have their favorites front and center in the newest Troubleshooters, Inc. book. The gang is up against a serial killer whose ultimate target is Alyssa. Brockmann continues to use her patented style of weaving intersecting storylines around a number of different protagonists and relationships. Like an excellent chocolate, a Brockmann book never disappoints.

When New York Assemblywoman Maria Bonavita receives a threatening note, Alyssa, Sam, their new son Ash and SEAL team members Dan Gillman and Izzy Zanella are sent to assess the risk. The discovery of a human heart in staffer Jenn LeMay's desk only hints at the danger to come. What no one realizes is that the Dentist, a serial killer Alyssa has hunted for years, has decided to up the ante and make her his target. Even with FBI agent Jules Cassidy's help they're in trouble, because this clever killer is too close for comfort. (BALLANTINE, Aug., 400 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith