When Allie Parker waved goodbye from the docks to her friend Chrissy, she never dreamed Chrissy and her boyfriend Donnie Markham would perish later in an explosion.

Allie can't accept that the explosion was an accident. She knows Chrissy feared that Donnie was mixed up in the drug trade. Determined to find out if businessman Felix Baranoff is responsible for Chrissy's death, Allie boards the Dynasty II to find evidence.

Before Allie can exit the yacht, she is trapped below and three men board and head out to sea. Jake Dawson just wants to finish his assignment to swap drugs for guns and deliver that shipment down to Belize and into the waiting arms of General Valisimo.

Unfortunately, Jake is also saddled with two of Valisimo's less-than-bright henchmen, Bobby and Luis. The discovery of Allie complicates Jake's life to no end. Now he must try and keep the nosy blonde alive as well as complete his mission.

Kat Martin is back with a vengeance as she serves up thrills, chills and exotic romance. HOT RAIN is guaranteed to add to the collection of bestsellers that Ms. Martin keeps racking up. (May, 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith