Image of Hot Shot Tycoon Indecent Proposal (#2857)


Image of Hot Shot Tycoon Indecent Proposal (#2857)
HOT-SHOT TYCOON, INDECENT PROPOSAL (4) by Heidi Rice: Daisy Dean has made several unsuccessful attempts to introduce herself to her new neighbor, so when her landlady's cat disappears into his backyard, she sneaks over to find it. She's caught red-handed by the never-before-seen Connor Brodie, and the sparks quickly fly. Connor is close to pulling off a huge business deal but needs a "fiancee" to close it, so he asks Daisy to pose as his fiancee for two weeks. Daisy can't believe that she agrees to do it -- and that isn't even the biggest surprise of all. The amusing opening spins into an emotional and heartfelt story. Neither Connor nor Daisy is quite what they seem to be on the surface, and that's the enjoyable part of the journey as some interesting layers are revealed.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers