This anthology is loaded with hot firemen. Each short story delves into the various types of these brave people who risk their lives. The authors do a good job on the stories, but there is much left to be desired about the build-up of the relationships. It feels that they meet and jump right into a serious relationship. If you enjoy a wealth of sexy firefighters, this book will fit the bill.

In Marsh’s “Fired Up,” two park employees enjoy the thrill of clandestine interludes over the radio channel. When a storm hits the tower and the radio cuts off during a steamy session, the two will learn if the attraction is in the anonymity of the radio or if it burns just as hot in the flesh. LaFleur brings the heat in “Sizzle” with a magazine editor who is doing a story on the hottest firemen in Texas. The Chief wants no part of the sexy editor, as he has been burned before. Will their attraction burn on or burn out? “Five-Alarm Masquerade” is Kennedy’s entry. When a rescue turns into a mutual attraction, will the two be able to dampen the flames that erupt whenever they get close? (APHRODISIA, Mar., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson