The last Hamilton sister meets her match in this stand-alone book in which characters from earlier works make brief appearances. With an interesting plot, likable characters, suspense, sexual adventure and romance, this story satisfies in a number of ways. Some of the characters are truly despicable and will make you squirm, but the story is truly erotic -- and it may make you squirm
for good reasons as well.

Grace thinks that acceptance into the world of the ton and a favorable marriage will fulfill her life's dreams. So she hides her family's background and tries to be what she thinks others expect. Then she finds that things aren't as they seem, and a pirate may be more noble, and more of a gentleman, than the gentlemen of the ton. Devlin, a highwayman and pirate, comes to her rescue when she is desperate. Several years later, he kidnaps Grace and they explore their passion, until Devlin is wounded and Grace is kidnapped again -- this time by a brute. (Aphrodisia, Oct., 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan