Stella Scott owns a comic book store in a small Minnesota town. She plays by one steadfast rule—don't date the customers. Little does she know that she is about to break her very own edict.

Comic book collector Danny Rees will do whatever he must to get Stella into his bed. Their sexual attraction is immediate and intense. But giving in to sexual temptation has Stella falling hard and fast. Though Danny is rich, he dresses in ripped jeans and T-shirts and shows up in a fancy car. Stella wonders if deals drugs. When Danny's house and office are broken into, his confused feelings about Stella make him suspect she's the culprit. Can two such different people find happiness together or will their fierce sexual chemistry just burn out?

Johnson writes one hot story, with multiple characters finding happiness and quite a bit of humor spicing up this fast read. (Jun., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager