Image of Hot Stuff


Image of Hot Stuff

Translator Tempe Walsh feels as if she's fallen into an Indiana Jones movie. Bullets and knives start flying when she attempts to purchase of a statue of the goddess Saraswati (aka Shiva's Diva) in Bombay.

Using her gymnastic skills, Tempe manages to backflip her way out of danger, only to fall into the hands of the mysterious Brig O'Brien. Brig, Tempe and the statue manage to get away, if only temporarily. At least three different parties seem to be after this legendary statue.

To keep Tempe safe, Brig hides her with his friends, Bollywood director Jake Roshan and hot Indian star Asha Kumar. No one seems willing to let go of Shiva's Diva, so snatching and counter-snatching becomes the latest craze.

Discovering a true fictional pearl is a rare and special treat, and Hot Stuff definitely qualifies! Buckle up while you race through an incredible madcap escapade that combines the flashiness of Bollywood with sizzling romance, danger and adventure.

The characters are as lively and fun as the setting. This utterly original book manages to combine singing, dancing, elephants, snakes, curses and even murder. (Apr., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith