Bobbi Cunningham did not have an ideal childhood, but she's determined to better her circumstances as an adult. Enrolling in night school at Macon State College, Bobbi is taking the first step in that direction. She's confidant that she is on the right path, until she meets Quentin Brooks.

Distinguished, intelligent and thoughtful, he ignites a flame in her like no other. From the start, Quentin and Bobbi hit it off. In Bobbi, Quentin finds his better half, but he is fearful of his past and also a bit embarrassed; Quentin is afraid he'll lose Bobbi if he reveals too much. Can he face his future without the possibility of her in it?

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is both intriguing and passionate. You can't help but root for Bobbi and Quentin. While slow in some areas, HOT SUMMER NIGHTS is definitely interesting and a must-read-till-the-end story. (Mar., 280 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton