Mixing up sports and romance produces major league good times in this anthology. The first pitch is thrown by London. Mets star Parker Price fears that his current slump is directly correlated to the on-air attacks of sports reporter Kelly O'Shay. Can Parker turn the tide and make Kelly his "Lucky Charm"?

Martin slices a hot one in "Same Rink, Next Year." For the past three years, when goalie David Hewson's team hits Chicago, he hits the sheets with Tierney O'Connor. This year, a snowstorm throws a kink in their no-strings tryst.

Blair proves that you can't steal first in her offering, "Hot Ticket Express," as a three-day train trip throws former childhood chums/lovers Tiago Santiago, a baseball megastar, and Quinn Murdock back into full contact.

Finally, running for a touchdown is Buckley's "Can't Catch This." Season tickets to arena football demonstrate to feisty Lindy Hamilton that the hottest action at the game is in the stands.

This clever collection of sports-related stories excellently blends the thrill of victory with the high-wire risks of romance. Each story plays to the authors' strengths and gives them a chance to shine. (May, 325 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith