Image of Hot Wheels and High Heels


Image of Hot Wheels and High Heels

An interesting and fun novel with plenty of fascinating characters, this story starts fast and doesn't lose momentum. The give and take between the main characters is enjoyable, but some threads are just dropped, and it doesn't seem to bother the hero or heroine that she is still married -- albeit to a jerk -- when they have sex.

Darcy returns home from a vacation to find that her home's been sold, her bank are accounts empty, her charge cards are maxed out and her husband is gone. When John, an ex-cop turned repo man, repossesses her car, Darcy realizes she must get a job. She discovers the only job she is qualified for is as a file clerk for John's repo business.

Darcy is determined to prove to John that although she may have been a pampered, spoiled wife, she can not only do the job assigned her, she can also move up to repossessing cars. So starts a string of mishaps and adventures that just may end with these two dissimilar people sharing more than an office. (Warner FOREVER, Jul., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley