Mann’s latest novel is fast paced and filled with intriguing characters. The main characters are complex and perfectly matched in terms of their past experiences and losses. The supporting characters create an additional layer of interest to draw the reader in further. Even the villain boasts a sympathetic side that reflects the motivating factors behind her illegal actions. The many twists in this story keep the tension running high right to the last page.

Pararescueman Hugh Franco rescues Amelia Bailey and her newly adopted nephew from a collapsed building after an earthquake strikes a Bahamian city. Amelia, a lawyer, has been helping her brother and sister-in-law with their adoption. Separated from the couple in the chaos, Amelia is caring for the boy in a makeshift hospital when he is kidnapped. Hugh comes to their rescue a second time, and soon they find themselves in the midst of a human trafficking ring. (SOURCEBOOKS, Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett