Image of The Hot Zone (Rainshadow)


Image of The Hot Zone (Rainshadow)

Castle’s newest heroine, the unwitting victim of drug experimentation that transformed her into a potential psychic monster, is utterly compelling from the first page. Readers will admire Sedona Snow’s ability to survive and her strength and determination to avoid ever being tortured again — and her new pal, Lyle, is sure to win some hearts. The slight role reversal in this tale’s romance is a superlative twist as it is the hero who must help “tame” the monster. Castle has once again crafted an out-of-this-world must-read. Rainshadow Island is a seriously dangerous place, which means there is no shortage of heart-stopping action and thrilling romance to be found!

After being abandoned by a Guild boss during an expedition and kidnapped by a crazy doctor who experimented on her, Sedona is lucky to be alive. She owes her freedom to new dust bunny sidekick Lyle, who rescued her. After Sedona discovers that, along with her rare gatekeeper talent, she can now control fire, she decides to relocate to remote Rainshadow Island. Sedona’s hopes for anonymity bites the dust when new Guild boss Cyrus Jones arrives. That Cyrus has his eye on Sedona is without question, but his intentions toward her are unclear. Dangerous things are stirring — and for Sedona there is no escape. (JOVE, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith