Brava to Nicholas for weaving together a story that is authentic, heart-wrenching, intoxicating, smart and utterly sexy! Hotblooded is brimming with an invigorating cast of characters who smoothly sweep into the coolest parts of your soul with one mission: to absolutely mesmerize book lovers.

When Brooke Donovan bolted from Honey Creek, Texas, she vowed never to look back. After her husband’s passing, Brooke finds herself back home. Her plan is that once all of her debts are paid off, she’ll pull up stakes and move on. Then a man enters the scene and stirs something buried deep inside her. When Dr. Jack Silver discovers his uncle is responsible for Brooke losing her husband, he is determined to set things right. Jack comes face to face with a vibrant, strong-willed woman who is struggling to survive. He falls hard for the temperamental Brooke, who is sporting a cloak of hurt and pride that is smothering her. Will she let her guard slip enough for Jack to love the ache away? (SAMHAIN, Nov., 256 pp., $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Diane Morasco