Image of Hotter Than Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 3)


Image of Hotter Than Hell (Hell on Earth, Book 3)

Kessler has outdone herself by giving readers a glorious book three of her
deliciously sinful series, Hell on Earth. Daunuan's sexy supernatural antics make sparks fly, and if you're not
careful you'll singe your fingers as
the pages speed by. It's packed
with quirky characters, a spicy, fast-paced plot and witty dialogue. Be
prepared for a demonic treat that's
hotter than hell.

The incubus Daunuan seduces mortals and brings their souls to hell. The King of Lust offers him a promotion if he will seduce Virginia Reed, a woman meant to go to heaven. But Virginia resists his charms. Daun knows he'll wear her down eventually, but first he has to deal with rogue demons and the realization he may be falling in love with the very woman he must doom for eternity. (ZEBRA, Aug., 304 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski