Image of Hounded To Death (Melanie Travis Mysteries)


Image of Hounded To Death (Melanie Travis Mysteries)

What do murder and the world of show dogs have in common? Yes, Melanie Travis is back on the scene. This crazy world is populated by a fun, amusing and eccentric group of people, which can only mean one thing -- trouble! The mystery keeps the book rolling along, but it's the entertaining relationships Melanie has with her family that keep the reader involved. Those new to the series should have no trouble catching up, and longtime fans will enjoy meeting up with old friends.

Newly wed and pregnant, Melanie plans to spend a relaxing week with her aunt, Peg, and sister-in-law Bertie at a show dog seminar in the Poconos. After the keynote speech is delivered to a disbelieving audience, the speaker is found dead in the hot tub at the spa.

Since the police are moving rather slowly with the investigation, several conference participants want Melanie to solve the mystery. If that isn't enough, Aunt Peg has met a younger man through the show dog message board. When he shows up, no one can believe he has his mother in tow. This all adds up to only one thing: mayhem! (KENSINGTON, Sep., 304 pp., $22.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers