Image of Hounds Abound (A Pet Rescue Mystery)


Image of Hounds Abound (A Pet Rescue Mystery)

You’ve got to admire a heroine who not only goes to the limit to solve a murder for a new friend but manages to find time to save an abandoned dog from a lethal disease. Pet shelter manager Lauren Vancouver is dedicated to the animals in her no-kill shelters, a good mom to her kids and a wily amateur sleuth who will use deductive reasoning and feminine intuition to solve the crime. Readers are going to love settling down with another entry in this charming, well-written series.

Shelter manager Lauren is dedicated to saving her four-footed friends and always looking for another no-kill shelter that cares for animals the way she does, but when newly minted shelter owner Bella Frankovick is charged with murdering her sleazy ex-husband, Lauren steps into the role of detective to save the shelter and the woman who runs it. Lauren’s pretty sure that Bella’s not the only one who had it in for plastic surgeon Miles Frankovick, no matter what the police think, and before she knows it she’s knee-deep in suspects — and threats to keep off the case. (PRIME CRIME, Apr., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper