While the animals in this novel
are captivating -- especially when
they communicate with one another
-- the humans are unfortunately less interesting, and as a result the book suffers. Brown is obviously a knowledgeable hunter, but there's too much inside information here for the average reader to absorb or understand, even with the included information on the characters. This steep learning curve, combined with a plot that only comes to life when the animals (especially
her dogs) are front and center, makes
for an uninteresting read.

In the fifth installment of Brown's Foxhunting series, master of the hunt Sister Jane is again up to her jodhpurs in mystery. This time she must rely on her wits and her friends when her search for some misappropriated funds leads to the discovery of murder. (BALLANTINE, Nov., 316 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Stephanie Schneider