Image of The Hourglass (Signet Eclipse)


Image of The Hourglass (Signet Eclipse)

After reading Metzger's marvelous new book, readers will know why she's considered a grand mistress of the Regency. The way she merges the TV show Dead Like Me and the movie City of Angels into a smart, emotionally intense, three-hanky novel about redemption and the value of life is incredible. It's as close a book to Katherine Kingsley's classic No Sweeter Heaven as fans could ever want, and Metzger is at the top of her form.

For hundreds of years Crusader knight Sir Coryn of Ardeth has served as a grim reaper in payment for his sins. With a toss of the bones he wins a wager to return to life. But he has only six months to find his humanity or return.

After her husband dies at the battle of Waterloo, Imogene Macklin wanders the bloody field tending the wounded. No longer a "lady" -- she's been renounced by her family and the officers' wives -- Genie has no idea how to care for her unborn child. Then a stranger appears out of nowhere to help her comfort the dying and offers her a chance for survival.

Ar knows that if he marries her, Genie will salvage her reputation. This one act of true kindness sets him on the road to salvation. Back In England, he begins rescuing those in need and even cheating death -- in a scene that will take your breath away! Genie has the power to help him find his soul, if he will only look. (Signet Eclipse, Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin