Sarah Anderson is a successful workaholic tax attorney whose entire life is focused on nurturing her flourishing career. But Sarah begins to question whether she is truly happy when her client and dear friend, Stanley Perlman, passes away.

Like Sarah, Stanley gave his whole life to his career and, despite his immense wealth, died a very lonely man. Looking for something meaningful in her life, Sarah makes an impulsive decision and purchases a once-magnificent mansion, which has succumbed to neglect over the years. With the help of architect Jeff Parker, she works together to restore the mansion to its original beauty. Sarah and Jeff share their passion for the mansion and, eventually, develop an undeniable attraction to one another. But after a lifetime of independence, is Sarah ready to share a life with Jeff?

Although Sarah is an outwardly strong and successful woman, on the inside she feels her professional accomplishments alone are not gratifying. Steel's transformation of Sarah from a conflicted woman with many self-doubts into a confident and vivacious woman makes this an absorbing read. (Feb., 352 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Nasha Kanai