Image of The House On Briar Hill Road


Image of The House On Briar Hill Road
For all of nurse Hayden McNulty's life, Brian Conway and his mother, Kathleen, have been her family. Friends first, Hayden and Brian become lovers after learning that Kathleen's ill with breast cancer. They have a daughter, but Hayden won't marry Brian for the sake of conventionality. So Brian marries someone else, settles in California and continues his child welfare work. A divorce follows, freeing Brian to resume his pursuit of Hayden -- and their timing is finally right. But then a recurrence of Kathleen's cancer drives them apart, making both wonder if they can ever be close again. Holly Jacobs' The House on Briar Hill Road (4) is extremely affecting and honest, and Brian and Hayden's complicated relationship is handled very well.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer