Image of The House on Butterfly Way


Image of The House on Butterfly Way

Bevarly’s very interesting departure from her usual romances is a contemplation of the nature of love, parenting, knowing yourself and the role of women. This is a tale that you will think about long after you turn the last page. Strongly recommended for those of us who have passed the glories and excitements of beginnings, and are now in the all-important middle, trying hard to build to a beautiful, fulfilling concluding act.

Eugenie is recently divorced, living with her surly teenage son, a terminally crabby mother, a grief-stricken brother and his two little girls in a broken-down Victorian house in the same neighborhood where she grew up. When Eugenie finally lands a job, it’s not one she ever imagined for herself: relationship facilitator at Heartmenders, a local dating agency. Eugenie feels like she is rehabbing herself along with the house. Maybe both can be mended after all. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Feb., 326 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan