The first book in
Burton's Hidden
Grotto series is
exquisite and riveting literary
erotica. Four eloquent tales, from
past and present, intertwine in
magical and unexpected ways. The author conjures up authentic visuals
of time and place, and her mystical
characters come alive on the page. Readers willing to be seduced into a
world of dark sensuality and sexual
taboos will be spellbound.

Sometimes guests of the Château de la Grotte Cachee get more than they bargained for. A tennis star and his fiancee arouse the passions of a succubus and a dusios in "Twixt Sleep and Wake." In 1749, in "Lick of the Flame," the castle plays host to the Hellfire Club, a secret society of debauchers. While they perform a black mass, a djinni satisfies Lady Somerhurst's hidden desire for discipline.

In 1884, scientist Catharine Wheeler discovers a "Body of Knowledge" when she loses her way in the caves. And in 52 B.C., "A Demon of Flesh and Stone" helps young lovers who are forbidden to marry and finds sanctuary for himself. (Bantam, Feb., 352 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski