Image of The House of Dead Maids


Image of The House of Dead Maids

Short and simply plotted, this prequel to Wuthering Heights is riddled with wonderful prose and the haunting quality of Brontë’s work. Tabby is delightfully inquisitive, and Heathcliff’s disturbing origins paint a vivid picture. Dunkle’s well-researched tale is fluid and dark.

Tabby Aykroyd has been taken from her foster home to be a maid for a reckless charge with Gypsy black hair in an eerie place known as Seldom House. The charge is a handful and innocently dark, blending in perfectly with the macabre surroundings. When the ghost of a dead maid begins haunting Tabby and the young master, she begins to question the purpose behind Seldom House — and discovers many more ghosts inhabit the property. Simple wit and cunning help Tabby find the reason these spirits cannot part from the earth. (HENRY HOLT, Sep., 146 pp., $15.99, ISBN: 9780805091168, HC, 12 & Up)
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John Jacobson