Image of House of Glass


Image of House of Glass

This is a book that you’ll be unable to put down once you start, so carve out some time. Littlefield makes the terror so real in this story of an upper-middle-class family that you’ll fear for the characters as if they are people you know. Jen is a woman who wants everything to be perfect on the surface, and her emotions here are so visceral you’ll feel like you are living the nightmare with her. Littlefield exposes this family, warts and all, and makes them so authentic that the story is, too.

On the surface, Jen Glass has everything she’s ever wanted. She’s managed to escape poverty and her abusive father, and she has a gorgeous house and two beautiful children. But her son doesn’t speak, her daughter hates her and her husband is having an affair. Yet all these issues are nothing compared to what she and her family are now facing: a home invasion that goes terribly wrong. (MIRA, Mar., 304 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo