Image of The House of Memories


Image of The House of Memories

Immensely moving, the pages of this novel will be read through tears and laughter, as they capture the emotions of grief, the process of healing and the unconditional nature of love in a raw, unforgettable manner. The story and its beautifully developed characters will live within readers’ hearts and minds long after they’ve closed the book.

Fraught with grief over the unexpected loss of her son, Ella O’Hanlon retreats from everyone she knows and loves, including the husband she once adored. Ella travels alone from place to place, keeping busy to distract herself from her pain, until she finally agrees to stay with her beloved uncle, Lucas. In this house filled with memories, Ella is given the opportunity to heal her broken heart — if she can only recognize that the pain she feels is shared by the people in her life who never stopped loving her. (NAL, Feb., 496 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn O’Donnell