Five authors are drawn together first by their love for their craft and eventually by their love of each other. They count on each other for advice, support, and guarding of secrets. Then one day Gabby, the backbone of their group, dies and each of the survivors must deal with the effects.

Eleanor has known Gabby the longest and envied Gabbys true joy of life. Ellie is the intellectual of the group. A college professor and spinster, stern Ellie holds strong through almost anything, but Gabbys death puts a crack in her emotionless life. Is she willing to dare to live life and love?

Sable has dark secrets that only Gabby and Ellie know. The most famous of the group, Sable is afraid to let people close in case they find shes not what they think.

Barbara Ann manages a fast-paced romance writing career and a home with a husband and four sons. Suddenly she feels as if nothing is in her control. Gabbys death forces her to fight to regain her sanity.

Beth, the baby of the group, is a popular mystery writer. She has never turned to anyone for help from her abusive husband, but Gabbys death draws the group together to make sure Beth knows she doesnt have to take it.

The four women gather for a summer of sorting through Gabbys work and discover their friend all over again, as they also find strength in themselves.

Ms. Carrs storytelling shines as she seamlessly takes readers between these four stories keeping the pages turning as she warms hearts. (Dec., 408 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson