Image of House of the Star


Image of House of the Star

Brennan blends the honest and faithful nature of horses with subtle magic. These special horses — Worldrunners — and their riders are key to trade and travel across the known chain of worlds. Elena, a young, rebellious princess from the world of Ymbria, faces challenges and choices that will shape her life. The strength of this novel lies in finding maturity, living with truth and learning to handle the reins of your own future.

Elen’s greatest wish is to become a rider of magical Worldrunners — the horses that are the only safe way to travel the roads of Faerie. In order to achieve her dream, she must go to Earth, to a ranch in Arizona named the House of the Star, for training. Her more secret mission there, however, is to meet with her peoples’ worst enemy, and perhaps form a political alliance with their hated royal house. Elen needs the wisdom and guidance of the worldrunners, and to grow into a woman in the midst of this storm. (STARSCAPE, Nov., 288 pp., $17.99)
Reviewed by: 
Victoria Frerichs