Image of Houseful of Strangers


Image of Houseful of Strangers
After the death of her son and her husband, veterinarian Alison Truesdale closes up her New York office and heads upstate to fill in for an injured vet who needs temporary help. But when she arrives, Eric Mitchell isn't sure the diminutive lady vet will be able to handle a practice where dogs and cats are far outnumbered by farm animals. Alison herself doesn't know if she can stay because Eric has a son around the same age her own son would have been. Houseful of Strangers (4.5), by Linda Barrett, is a heartwarming story about starting over and the power of the heart to heal. Barrett wonderfully depicts the healing of two people who have been hurt in the past. A runaway with her own problems adds additional depth to the plot.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay