Image of Housekeeper At His Beck And Call


Image of Housekeeper At His Beck And Call
Lieutenant Cade Grant dreams of opening a series of rehabilitation centers for soldiers and hopes his ancestral home will be the first. But it needs some work, so he advertises for a housekeeper. Just as he despairs of finding someone suitable, a bedraggled woman wearing a wedding dress arrives. Olivia Tate left her intended bridegroom at the altar and has no place to go. Cade and Liv are surprised at their instant attraction, but both have been emotionally damaged by their pasts. They are about to learn that life is full of unexpected surprises. Susan Stephens' Housekeeper at His Beck and Call (3) has the feel of a Cinderella story, in which the hero takes a while to turn into Prince Charming. While it doesn't quite have the magical feeling of a fairy tale, it's still an enjoyable read.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers