Image of Housekeeper's Happy-Ever-After


Image of Housekeeper's Happy-Ever-After

HOUSEKEEPER'S HAPPY-EVER-AFTER (4.5) by Fiona Harper: Four years ago, Ellie Bond's life changed in a heartbeat. A car wreck took her husband and daughter, and she suffered a near-fatal head injury. Now she's trying to move on, despite lingering memory problems, taking a job as housekeeper to talent manager Mark Wilder. Getting involved with Mark -- who's got a reputation -- would be a bad idea, but Ellie can't help it. Although generally allergic to commitment because of his gold-digging ex-wife, Mark's unusually susceptible to Ellie. A solid plot and great characters form the basis for an outstanding story. The author never strikes a false note, tempering poignancy perfectly with humor.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer