Fifteen-year-old Angel Millridge is intent on finding a man for her mother. As a special birthday surprise, she places a personal ad in the newspaper. From the applicants, she selects five candidates.

Unaware of her daughter's plan, Mira Millridge suddenly finds herself surrounded by eager, unlikely suitors, including one enthusiastic fellow who refuses to take no for an answer. Nick Kade, Angel's math teacher, comes to Mira's rescue and saves her from the overzealous Don Juan by posing as her fiancé. Their impending "engagement" is discovered by a local gossipmonger and, like wildfire, the news spreads rapidly.

With its many zany adventures, Bardsley's novel is side-splittingly funny. Her fresh writing style adds to the pleasant reading experience. However, the sex scenes—while hot—were not necessary and seemed like last-minute additions to the story. (dl $5.00)

Reviewed by: 
Suzie Housley