Image of How to Be a Scottish Mistress


Image of How to Be a Scottish Mistress

Basso displays her knowledge and understanding of medieval Scotland’s constant battle to maintain its independence from England in this powerful romance. Deftly building a sensuous and captivating love story against this backdrop serves to reinforce her characters’ emotions. This poignant story quickly becomes a page-turner and allows readers a unique look at this turbulent time in history.

Lady Fiona and her young stepson barely escape with their lives after her husband is killed. They are allowed sanctuary at her brother’s keep. Months pass, and Fiona decides to make her way to the Highlands and Lord Gavin McLendon to seek refuge. Gavin is planning to marry the daughter of a neighboring clan to cement a political alliance. Gavin knows protecting a beautiful Englishwoman is trouble, but he is unable to refuse — especially when Fiona offers herself as his mistress as payment. Will he defy convention to make his mistress his wife? (ZEBRA, Jul., 346 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin