Image of How to Handle a Highlander (Hot Highlanders)


Image of How to Handle a Highlander (Hot Highlanders)

Wine creates a wonderful cast of characters for this entertaining romance set against the historically accurate backdrop of Medieval Scotland. Within this emotional love story, Wine presents a colorful portrait of clan rivalry and the honor that binds the Highlanders to their clan and country. Well-written and filled with delightful repartee, this is a feast for medieval fans.

Bari Fraser is forcing his half-sister, Moira, to marry elderly laird Matheson. This union will give Bari the support he needs in a war of vengeance against his old enemy, Gahan Sutherland. The Sutherlands do not trust anything Bari says or does, since his sister tried to kill Gahan’s father. Moira does not want to wed Matheson, but feels compelled to protect her clan. She has encountered the handsome Gahan many times and secretly harbors an impossible dream that they could wed. Gahan is totally enamored of Moira and determined to protect and marry her. As events precipitated by Bari’s irrational behavior and Matheson’s greed unfold, Gahan and Moira are finally able to face each other unencumbered by war ... but will they truly be free? (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 320 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin