Image of How Hard Can It Be?


Image of How Hard Can It Be?

Peterman’s debut is laugh-out-loud, rolling-on-the-floor, snort-Pepsi-through-your-nose funny. A very quick pace with hilarious characters and nonsensical scenarios will keep readers on their toes. Rena is a walking disaster, and it’s hysterical that her dream guy is a straitlaced cop. Fate definitely has a wicked sense of humor, and this tale will show you just how fun falling in love can be.

Rena joins a writer’s group with the idea that bestselling author Evangeline O’Hara will magically mentor her into a fabulous career. But instead Rena ends up teaming with the ladies of the writer’s group to pay O’Hara back for years of idea-stealing and blackmail. When Jack, the insanely hot cop who happens to live next door, arrests her for violating a restraining order (long story), they fall head over heels ... and that’s just the beginning! (EKENSINGTONBOOKS.COM, dl $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty