Image of How I Met My Countess


Image of How I Met My Countess

Boyle brilliantly spins off
a tale from the popular Bachelor Chronicles that
will bring you laughter and tears, joy
and deep sighs. With her hallmark
sense of comic timing, ability to craft an enchanting plot and likable, memorable characters, she has another winner.

The three widows of each Marquess of Standon who stand before the current one are beggaring the duke. So Thatcher takes matters into his own hands by forcing them to inhabit the same London house. As different as apples and oranges, they must make do or be on the streets. The youngest, Lucy Ellyson Sterling, had always been considered an "inappropriate bride," but few know the truth of her background. Except Gilbert, the Duke of Clifton.

Seven years ago Gilbert was a spy for the Crown, trained by Lucy's father in the arts of intelligence. Lucy took part in that training, and their relationship evolved from immediate dislike to respect and passion by the time he left on life-changing missions. Lucy is still a danger to his heart, as he is to hers. As their desire rekindles, Lucy's dark secret and Gilbert's guilt may keep them apart. (AVON, Jan., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin