In this anthology, four western romance authors show us how to rope in a sharpshooting, rugged, untamable cowboy.

The sisters of rancher Cooper Adams are intent on finding him a bride. And sister Winnie might succeed when she introduces him to Mary Woodburn. Surprisingly, the rancher is drawn to the shy woman and wonders if love comes when you least expect it. In a heartwarming story, Thomas shows us just what is "Easy on the Heart."

Potter's hero is "Coming Home" after the Civil War to a ranch confiscated by carpetbagger Elizabeth Sinclair and her father. With a true understanding of the turmoil caused by war's aftermath, Potter turns enemies into lovers. For western humor, Carmichael can't be beat in"Tombstone Tess." Tough-as-nails heroine Tess is in a bind. She must find a husband or lose her ranch. She convinces drifter Ransom to marry her in name only. But all too soon the sparks begin to fly and passion ignites.

Ten years ago, horsebreaker Winn Taylor had to leave Cait Brice. Now, Cait needs him to break a stallion. Can Cait and Winn find the path to redemption in McKade's emotionally intense "Finding Home"? SWEET (Jun., 362 pp.,$6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin