Meet Roman Dragonesti, a vampire who was once a monk and now works to protect mortals and tame the cravings of his own kind. He and the vampire scientists who work for him at Romatech Industries are close to developing a formula that will make it possible for vampires to stay awake during the day.

A lost fang brings him to Jane, aka Shanna, a mortal dentist at a night clinic—and a member of the Witness Protection Program. She is safe and bored until a phone call reveals that those out to get her have found her. Against his better judgment, Roman is strongly attracted to Shanna. The fact that he can't erase her memories of him compels him to bring her to his home for protection. Complicating matters is the discovery that the main man after her is Roman's sworn enemy, another vampire.

Plenty of action and a fair amount of humor make this story a fast-moving and enjoyable read. Sparks gives her vampires' modern lives and careers even, but sticks with traditional lore (i.e. no sunlight, death by stake). The author skillfully blends many layers in this story. (Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley