Image of How to Ravish a Rake


Image of How to Ravish a Rake

Dreiling secures her reputation as a writer of charming, matchmaking romances with engaging characters. Though her plotlines are classic, her cast of quirky, unconventional characters sets her stories apart. Fans of marriage-of-convenience love stories have a treat.

With only one season to secure a marriage proposal, Amy Hardwick is determined to move from wallflower to debutante. While she may be shy, she is also a smart and talented designer — too smart to be taken in by Will “the Devil” Darcett. The younger wastrel son, Will has sowed his wild oats for years and he’s ready for another journey when his brother commands him to take over stewardship of their estate. Will has other plans: seduce the wealthy Amy. However, Amy snubs his attempts to compromise her. But when they are accidentally locked in a wine cellar there is no getting away from marriage. At first they’re unwilling, then reluctant and finally passionate as their marriage becomes a true bond. But when Amy learns that Will initially used her for his own gain, pride battles with passion and both must learn the true meaning of love. (FOREVER, Apr., 336 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin