Image of How To Seduce A Texan


Image of How To Seduce A Texan

Kelley's romance is almost as fun as visiting a dude ranch! Nikki's adventures in roughing it are a fair trade for the time she spends with hard-bodied Cal, and the secondary plot about Cal's brother and the new masseuse is
almost as heart-stealing. Throw in
an opinionated ghost, and Kelley
delivers a story to remember.

Nikki is a reporter with a mission. She's tracked ex-pro football star Cal to his brother's dude ranch, where he's hiding out after a high-profile break-up. Cal, famous for his hatred of reporters, decides to trick Nikki into staying at the old homestead. Although neither expects her to tough it out, both parties are even more surprised when their casual affair becomes something much more serious. (BRAVA, Jun., 320 pp., 14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan