Image of How Sweet It is


Image of How Sweet It is

A delightful romance that introduces an intriguing quartet of women. The hero’s struggles with his feeling of guilt and the heroine’s determination to not need a man in her life makes for a uniquely entertaining story.

After her 14-year-old daughter’s father calls to say that he will be coming for a Christmas visit, Lizzie Carpenter shares her wish for a handyman to fix up her house with her friends in the Enemy Club. These women were definitely not friends in high school, but now they are friends who tell each other only the truth. Dante “Tay” Giovanni is in town to give money to a college student whose mother was killed in a car accident Tay blames himself for. He overhears Lizzie’s wish and starts doing repairs to the house during his sleepless nights. Thus begins a romance between a fiercely independent woman and a fix-it man who needs fixing. (FOREVER, Jan., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley