Michaels' new Regency miniseries is a joy. This wonderful storyteller
combines passion, humor, emotional intensity and depth of characterization with a devastating secret and attempted murder. She makes it all work and shows how the power of love can overcome. You will laugh and even shed
a tear over this touching romance.

After six years of fighting a grueling war, Captain Rafael Daughtry returns to England to take up his duties as the new Duke of Ashurst. At first Charlotte Seavers doesn't recognize her childhood friend, and it takes a moment before Rafe realizes that the woman before him is Charlie, all grown up and as outspoken as ever. Rafe turns to the no-nonsense Charlie to guide him through his new responsibilities as head of the household. Their childhood friendship soon evolves into something more.

Charlie has always loved Rafe, but she keeps a shameful secret. Now she must let go of the past if she is to have a future with him. But accidents could mean danger -- or even murder -- for Rafe and Charlie. (HQN, Sep., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond