As part of the research for her dissertation, Dorsey MacGuinness is tending bar at an exclusive mens club.One evening, she overhears a conversation between her friend, mens magazine publisher Adam Darien and one of his reporters. The men are hot under the collar about the bestseller How to Trap a Tycoon.

Written by Lauren Grable-Monroe, this book is becoming a sensation and both men are determined to unmask its author. Dorsey listens with dawning horror, for shes the infamous Ms. Grable-Monroe.

The idea for the satirical book came from observing her own mothers life. Carlotta MacGuinness never married and has lived her life as an old-style courtesan. While Carlotta is still a beautiful and vital woman, she and Dorsey worry about her future. Specifying that the books proceeds go to Carlotta seemed the perfect solution.

Dorsey is further trapped when the publisher insists on sending Lauren out on a publicity tour. Carlotta has an idea: with a wig, new clothes and a lot of makeup, Lauren can be born and no one will tie her to Dorsey. Or so they hope

HOW TO TRAP A TYCOON takes a timely and humorous look at the age-old battle between men and women. Elizabeth Bevarly really excels at telling this type of very funny love story which is also laced with poignancy. (Jun., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith