Image of Howl For It


Image of Howl For It

These novellas by two popular authors feature wolf shapeshifters and their mates. Laurenston’s “Like a Wolf with a Bone” returns to the Smith pack hometown with an amusing story of a fierce killer wolf brought to his knees by a friendly pastry chef. Eden’s “Wed or Dead” is a more intense tale, with brutal attacks and betrayal. These are entertaining stories, but nothing special.

In Laurenston’s tale, an on-leave Eggie Ray Smith meets perky little Darla Mae Lewis, who is back in her hometown on vacation from her job as a pastry chef in San Francisco. Darla Mae is in some danger, but fierce — and feared — Marine Eggie will take care of her. Kayla is human and a shifter-hunter in Eden’s offering. Gage is an alpha wolf-shifter. Eloping in a Las Vegas wedding chapel may be the craziest decision either has made, but things are about to get even wilder. Soon they are on the run from other hunters — including Kayla’s brother and her boss, who harbors a dark secret. (BRAVA, Sep., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan