After being a dangerous footnote in previous books, the true evil of Sazi serial killer Jack Simpson is finally revealed. Layer by layer Adams and Clamp build their compelling Sazi world with its strict laws that give this unique universe dramatic shape and form. Besides captivating plots, the rich, dark characters make these books distinctive and mesmerizing. They are true genre luminaries!

A family vacation turns into a nightmare when Catherine Turner's parents are slaughtered and she is mauled by a vicious jaguar. Even worse, that was no ordinary jaguar; it was Sazi serial killer Jack Simpson. Now, as the full moon approaches, Cat will be forced into her first transformation as a big cat.

Former Wolven agent Raphael Ramirez is contacted by the chief justice of the Sazi with a request that, provided she survives her initial transformation, Raphael step in and teach Cat. Normally wolves and big cats don't mix well, but Raphael is different, and he has a long, dark history with Jack. As Cat struggles to accept the new reality of her life, she is also tormented by the psychic mental tauntings of her parents' killer. Twisted and evil Jack makes it quite clear that he is not done with either Cat or Raphael. (TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Jan., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith