Prolific author Steel takes readers on
a fairy-tale journey in her latest as
she highlights the life of a princess,
from her personal tragedies to her
sense of wonder at finding enduring love. Christianna, the serene highness of Liechtenstein, is an admirable protagonist, a beautiful, wealthy young woman with a caring heart and a loving nature.

Christianna, daughter of Prince Hans Josef, fears the tedium of royal life after she returns to her native country upon graduating from the University of California at Berkeley. When the opportunity arises, she travels to Africa to work with the Red Cross. Inspired by the beauty of the land and her friendships with the workers and the Africans, Christianna finds purpose in her life. She also meets Parker Williams, a young doctor from Boston who has come to Africa to provide medical treatment.

As they fall in love, Christianna informs him of her royal identity and her fear that her father would never approve of a marriage to a commoner. After they leave Africa for their respective homes, the two continue to meet in various romantic cities until tragedy befalls Christianna, and she discovers whether there is a future for her and Parker. (Delacorte, Nov., 336 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick